Nokia and Hololight enhance XR experiences using L4S

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Nokia has joined forces with Hololight to explore how the capabilities of the L4S protocol can enhance XR (extended reality) experiences.

L4S – which stands for low-latency, low-loss, scalable throughput – was developed by Nokia and has the potential to revolutionise real-time applications by simultaneously achieving high throughput and low latency in a scalable manner.

Hololight believes L4S can significantly enhance the performance of cloud-rendered XR services, offering users immersive experiences with minimal latency.

Philipp Landgraf, Senior Director of XR Streaming at Hololight, said:

“Partnering with Nokia puts us at the forefront of 6G innovation. Together, we are excited to pioneer a solution that enables smooth and stable streaming of XR applications with a high number of active users, even in the most challenging environments, ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

The move to XR-based collaboration and digital prototyping is a monumental step towards reducing CO2 emissions by minimising travel and waste, resulting in efficient production, minimised errors, and a lighter environmental footprint.”

Nokia and Hololight have successfully developed a proof-of-concept utilising L4S to support high-quality multi-user XR experiences under real-world traffic conditions. This collaboration aims to optimise L4S implementations for key use cases such as XR, ensuring seamless connectivity for a growing number of users.

L4S is set to play a pivotal role in the evolution of 5G-Advanced systems. Nokia is actively driving standardisation efforts for L4S in 3GPP Release 18, highlighting the company’s commitment to shaping the future of communication technologies.

Koen De Schepper, Network Automation Research Principal at Nokia Bell Labs, commented: 

“It’s important to grow the ecosystem and show what the L4S protocol can bring to communications, in particular, to 5G-Advanced systems and beyond.

With its advanced XR applications, Hololight will help us explore the user experience for future applications and what these applications and future networks will need to support.”

Nokia and Hololight’s proof-of-concept will be showcased at the Brooklyn 6G Summit, where industry experts will witness the technology’s potential in action from 31 October – 2 November.

(Image Credit: Microsoft)

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