3GPP elects three Samsung researchers as vice-chairs

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Samsung has announced that three of its researchers have been elected as vice-chairs within the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project).

The achievement solidifies Samsung’s influence within the world’s largest telecommunications standard development organisation. With these new appointments, Samsung now boasts a total of seven officials within 3GPP, comprising two chairs and five vice-chairs.

Since its inception in 1998, 3GPP has united telecommunications powerhouses and organisations from across the globe—including industry giants like Qualcomm, Apple, Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of modern communication technology.

Kyeongin Jeong, a distinguished researcher hailing from Samsung Research America – the company’s advanced research arm – has secured the role of vice-chair for 3GPP’s Radio Access Network Working Group 2 (RAN WG2).

RAN WG2 is at the forefront of developing vital radio communication protocol standards that facilitate seamless communication between 5G handsets and base stations, thereby enhancing the overall connectivity experience.

Jaeyeon Song from Samsung Research and Narendranath Durga Tangudu from Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore have been re-elected as vice-chairs, a testament to their contributions during their previous two-year terms.

Jaeyeon Song will continue to serve as vice-chair of 3GPP’s Service and System Aspects Working Group 4 (SA WG4), a pivotal unit dedicated to advancing technology that underpins immersive media services—including cutting-edge domains like video streaming and extended reality.

Meanwhile, Narendranath Durga Tangudu will retain his role as vice-chair of 3GPP’s Core Network and Terminals Working Group 3 (CT WG3).

CT WG3 plays a pivotal role in developing open interface standards that facilitate the expansion of 5G networks to third-party entities, including internet service providers.

Back in May, Younsun Kim and Andrew Bennett of Samsung Research were elected as chairpersons of 3GPP’s Radio Access Network Working Group 1 (RAN WG1) and Service and System Aspects Working Group 2 (SA WG2), respectively.

With its continued leadership and active involvement in 3GPP, Samsung continues to spearhead technological advancements within the telecommunications industry.

As the development of 5G-Advanced standards progresses, Samsung is laying the groundwork for 6G. In collaboration with fellow 3GPP members, this sets the stage for the expected commercialisation of 6G around 2030.

(Image Credit: Samsung)

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